Data Quality for Cloud Database.

It can define, monitor and analyze data quality. Comprehensive interface to define rules from simple attribute checks to advanced SQLs.

It has an automated data quality profiler. Data quality checks on unstructured data elements.

Automated Scheduled runs. Full-fledged dashboards and integrated with test suits like JIRA to raise data quality issues.

Supporting Cloud Warehouses

Supporting Cloud Warehouses
Supporting Cloud Warehouses

Key Features

Great for your cloud database project

Putting together a data quality pack has never been easier than this. From definition to a dashboard, streamline your data quality workflow to customize and build value to your data assets.

Data Profiling

uArrow DQ Data comes with an exhaustive list of Data Profiler checks you can imagine.

Integrated Actions

uArrow DQ Data also comes with adaptors for Jira and Slack for reporting DQ Issues and Collaboration.

Rules Workbench Components

We also feature many dynamic components for Data Quality Rules like Referential, Expression, Pattern, Dictionary Check, Functional Dependency Check and Many More.

{Unstructured} Dataset – Data Quality

Special DQ Rules to validated unstructured dataset or semi-structured columns on relational tables by JSON schema and more.

Rule Work Bench Functions

Step by Step guided wizard helps you to perform the data migration seamlessly. Every rule you need for your data set comes built-in as a function. All functions fit perfectly and can have a different aspect of data quality.

Referential Duplicates Dictionary Range Expression Missing Values Mutual Exclusive Implied Pattern Pair Bridge

DQ So Unique

To create a great User Experience for both SQL Savvy and Data Savvy users, we have placed functional DQ Checks and Advanced DQ Checks. In this way, you can get the best of both worlds.

We created a set of Functional Areas that comes in handy to help you.

#Pushdown Functional SQL Holistic View Unstructured Extensible Subsets Filters

Attribute Check

Ability to apply attribute specific validations like range, pattern, dictionary, Expression and no knowledge of SQL is required for building the DQ rules.

Functional Check

The ability to define functional dependencies within the data set like mutual exclusive, implied relation, set of values is first in class for cloud DQ SaaS.

Advanced SQLs

If you are more of a SQL person and love to write SQLs, we support you in that aspect as well. We provide SQL Rule’s upload, much more to it, we validate the rule and optimize in our execution and publish the dashboard.

Pushdown DQ

Given the power of cloud warehouses today, we understand your cloud warehouse natively and push down the validation to the underlying data warehouse like a snowflake. This is very unlike your legacy suck the data and your billing.

Beautiful Dashboard Pages

uArrow DQ is a new product built using our vast experience in data quality templates. More than 30 critical metrics for Data Quality and Profiling prebuilt

Built by DQ Practitioners for Data Gurus

Section wise rule based dashboards.

Carefully crafted level of details for each section