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uArrow – Data Quality

uArrow Data Quality is unique SAAS application which uses the in-built power of the cloud warehouses to perform data profiling and data quality on a large dataset.

uArrow has rich dashboard to analyze the Data quality report with minimal effort.

uArrow Support the Data Quality on Semi structure data and have a direct integration with Jira to raise the ticket against the data quality issue.


  • Perform the Data profiling on all the columns by default and have the option to exclude columns if any
  • Perform the Data quality using push down optimization. Hence no data moved out of the database
  • Perform the Data quality on semi structured data like Json
    It is integrated with Jira so that user can raise ticket against the data quality issue
  • Duplicate detection. Identifies the duplicate data using the composite primary key.
  • User can perform foreign key on single and multiple columns
  • Attribute check like Dictionary, range.
  • Support the data pattern like user can choose the predefined pattern or can write the custom regular expression.
  • Support SQL expression for advanced users
  • Support Functional check like mutually exclusive, infer and value-based comparison on two attributes of a table.
  • Have the advance SQL option where user can upload SQL queries and validate before performing the data quality
  • Support to exclude certain column for data quality
  • Support to filter data for data quality
  • Support to run Data quality job on ad hoc or schedule for future run.