Team – Settings

Team Settings allow team owners to update team info and add and manage teams and team roles in uArrow. Specifically, you can:
Update Team Info
Add and remove team members
Modify specific role

Update Team Info
1. Open uArrow-Data Quality url
Open below url to login uArrow data quality application

2. Open My Team
Click on my profile as shown in below

3. My Team – Info
Click Team button to update team info appropriately

Parameter Name Description
Company Name Company / entity name
Address Company address
Phone Company Phone number
Compnay URL Company website url

4. Add / remove team member’s
Navigate to “Team” tab to add/remove team members.

Click on Add Member button to add team member, you will be asked to provide member email address to add in your team.
Note: Team member much signup in uArrow before you add into your team list.

After successull, you can find alert message like below

5. Modify role
Team admin can able to modify team member role as shown in below.

Type of roles

Role Name Description
VIEWER Viewer has limited access to system like view jobs and connections, view existing DQ job’s dashboard and logs if any but can’t create / modify job and connections.
JIRA VIEWER access, additionaly access to jira, email notification creation from DQ dashboard issues
CREATOR JIRA Access, plus allow to perform following operations creating / managing DQ jobs, creating/managing Connections, Executing Jobs for Jobs and connections created by their team.
ADMIN CREATOR Access plus adding/removing members to their team, and modifying member’s role of the team.

6. Team Remove
Using delete button you can able to remove member from your team.