Range check identifies if the base table column data falls outside a specified range condition.

  • For example: If the base table is LINEITEM, base column is L_SHIPDATE, from value is 1993-10-07, and to value is 1994-02-08, then the check is defined as,LINEITEM.L_SHIPDATE BETWEEN (‘1993-10-07’, ‘1994-02-08’).
  • Here the base column data less than 1993-10-07 and greater than 1994-02-08 are identified as invalid.

Below are the possible range conditions,

Steps to create range rule for uArrow:

1 Click + Add button in the range Rule for column L_SHIPDATE.

2 Do the following, In the range section for rule.

* Column : Range selected column.
* Rule Description : Fill the description.
* Rule Category : Choose or create new dimension to classify rule if required.
* Operator : Choose the operator.
* Values : fill the range values.
* Clink on save button

Below is the window with all populated values for range check.