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uArrow has an in-built several databases, cloud warehouses, cloud storage, file and big data Integration that connects within few seconds.

We need following accounts to create connection in uArrow data migration

  • uArrow data migration account
  • Valid account details for any database (Ex. Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, etc.) or Cloud Storage or Cloud Warehouse account

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Step 1: Login to uArrow
Step 2: Navigate to Connection from top menu.

Step 3: Navigate to existing connection icon which you want to edit, and click on connection number count to view list of existing connections

Step 4: Click the Edit button to modify the connection.

Note: Connection parameters may vary for defect adapters, below example for oracle database

Parameter Name Description
Connection name Specify the name of the source connection.
Host Enter the name of machine where the Oracle Server instance is located, it should be Computer name, fully qualified domain name, or IP address
Port Enter the port number to connect to this Oracle Server. Four digit integer, Default: 1521
Database Enter an existing Oracle connection through which the uArrow accesses sources data to migrate.
Schema Enter an existing Oracle database schema name.
User Enter the user name of the oracle database, The user name to use for authentication on the Oracle database
Password Enter the user’s password. The password to use for authentication on the Oracle database

Step 5: After connection details, Validate connection to verify

Step 6: Save Connection – Don’t forget to save connection after connection validation success.