Key Differentiator: Functionalities

Facets uArrow Data Quality Competitors
Pushdown technique DQ rules are fine tuned by the target warehouse Irrespective of any database all the data pulled from the DB into informatica memory, process it and load back the data.
Performance Very fast due to pushdown technique you need to integrate IDQ jobs with power center to get the performance
Jira Integration available Not available
Uploading & Executing SQL rules available Not available
Integrity check,
functional check ,
Composite primary key check
available Not available
Ease of use 1.Single interface to define and run DQ

2.Business analyst with minimal SQL knowledge can create and run DQ

1.Multiple interfaces like MRS,DIS,CMS & ANS

2.You need Technical people to create and run the DQ jobs.

3.You need to be familiar with informatica syntax and functions

Rule transparency Single screen to capture and view all the rules/output Need to go though multiple screens
Dashboard functionality Have a detailed dashboard with download option for Data profiling and Data quality rules There is no dashboard, but tabular report is available