Pattern check allows you to search for patterns in data if you don’t know the exact word or phrase you are seeking. This kind of SQL query uses wildcard characters to match a pattern, rather than specifying it exactly.

Below are the possible pattern options in uArrow:

Pattern Options Description
starts with To search for column value beginning with the any letter.
ends with To search for column value ending with the any letter.
contains To search for column value with particular pattern anywhere in the column value.
stars with & ends with To search for column value beginning with the any letter and ending with any letter.
custom To search for column value based on certain regular expression pattern.

For example:

If the Base Table is LINEITEM, Base Column is L_SHIPMODE, as per Pattern condition check the values should match in the base column data.
Here, if the LINEITEM.L_SHIPMODE column value does not match with specified Pattern values, then those base table records are considered as invalid.

Steps to create Pattern check rule in uArrow:

1. Click + Add button in the Pattern check rule for column L_SHIPMODE.

2. Do the following, In the Pattern section for rule.

Parameter Name Description
Column Pattern rule check column.
Rule Description Specify the rule description.
Rule Category Choose or create new dimension to classify rule if required.
Pattern Choose pattern based on your requirement as mentioned above.
Pattern Value Specify pattern value based on pattern option chosen.

Reference screen for Pattern check.

Click Verify button to validate the pattern, and click Apply button to update pattern check rule changes, and then click Save button to save job.