What are the ways to test data validity and accuracy?


The importance of testing data every now and then will not diminish over time. In this article, we will discuss the title: what are the ways to test data validity and accuracy? Stay with us as we give all the reasons and ways data can be tested.

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What are the ways to test data validity and accuracy?Ways to test data validity and accuracy

Even if your data goes through the regular process of ingesting, processing, and modeling perfectly, there is still a chance that you can test the quality of the data and question its accuracy.

Data has been split into 6 dimensions.

● Accuracy
● Completeness
● Consistency
● Timeliness
● Validity
● Integrity

The 6 dimensions of data are evaluated as an overview and when these elements are in line, then the data can truly contribute to the progress of the business in many ways. But, when analyzed individually, there can be progress in one element and an error in another. The solution to this is validation and accuracy.

Validation: Metadata testing

Rather than being the actual data, metadata is the information that describes the data. The schema, such as the number of columns and the name and type of variable in each column, may be included in the metadata if the data is a table, as is frequently the case with analytics. If the data is included in a file, the metadata may include the file’s format as well as additional descriptive information like its version, configuration, and kind of compression.

Three shades of data accuracy

● Entry level fact-checking
● Set levels of sanity
● History-based set level sanity

Your test design should optimize the intended error in accordance with business requirements. You will make mistakes, so make sure they are mistakes you can likely live with.


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