What happens if your data is of poor quality?


Poor data quality comes with more danger than you anticipate. This article discusses the question and reveals the answer to what happens if your data is of poor quality. Learn more as we at uArrow break down the importance of data quality and the dangers of poor quality data.

The misleading results of poor quality data have severe effects on how businesses perform as it results in inaccurate analysis and decreased customer relations, which result in negative impacts on the decisions made.

What happens if your data is of poor quality?What are the reasons behind poor data quality?

Data issues such as duplicity, negative data entry procedures, and manual rekeying of data that are not integrated are some of the major issues that contribute to poor data quality tools. Discrepancies during data migration contribute to the problems of inconsistency in data, such as missing values and misplaced information that create an irregularity in data.

The consequences of poor data quality

Revenue loss

With inaccurate data to work with, there is a high possibility of losing clientele of genuine interest and revenue due to disruption in communication.

Inaccurate analysis

Decisions made using the driven data have serious consequences for decisions being made that will have a direct effect on reviving the future of the business and could have dire results such as losses.

Damaged reputation

With erroneous DQ data, contacting businesses multiple times, sending incorrect emails, and contacting dead contacts over a period of time will result in a negative impact. Inefficiency and ill-repute will be the results.

How can the issue of poor data quality be resolved?

High-quality data is necessary to enhance business decision-making processes, gain accurate insight, and lead the business in a manner that promotes and improves performance. Inaccuracy of data, missing information, misinformation, and more can cause lasting negative effects on a business’s performance.

Find the solution by choosing the right CRM software to organize, migrate, and integrate data in a way that promotes growth. Accuracy in data is the key to success. Study the market, gain accurate insight, and lead your business towards success.


Poor data quality can have dire results and negative impacts on your business. Find the solution now with uArrow. In this article, we answered the question, “What happens if your data is of poor quality?” Get in touch with Best Data Quality Service to know more about the impact of data quality and how it can be rectified.

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